February 04, 2008

Worn and Dandy


WORN is an adorable fashion journal that hails from Montreal, and though I can't quite place where I first heard about it, I was thrilled when my package arrived stuffed with back issues.  In their own words,


"Worn plays a unique role by bringing a political, environmental, historical and cultural context to fashion. Pushing boundaries of collaboration and authorship with fashion magazine tropes like the photo story, Worn expands traditional relationships between models, designers, writers, photographers and illustrators. By exploring where art and fashion overlap, connecting with Fashion scholars and artists, and paying attention to how what is worn gets made, interpreted, transformed, disseminated and copied, Worn opens new avenues in art theory. "


With articles and photos featuring modern dandies, Countess de Castiglione, psychobillies, care for vintage items, exhibit reviews, underground artists, and so much more, there is surely something for everyone in this wonderful, crafty journal.

You can order it or view it online at Worn Fashion Journal.