Beautiful Things

March 16, 2008

Advertising Done Right

You know, I really do think Bruno Aveillan is a genius, to which I suppose his many awards can also attest. For me personally, his work for the old Thermasilk commercials (do any of you remember those?) is some of his best. The Thermasilk campaign kicked off in 2000 and cost millions to produce a single commercial spot. But oh, what commercials! Hands-down my favorite commercial of all time in this universe or any other:

They just don't make them like that anymore, friends. For that matter, they didn't make them like that before, either. I would love to see a feature-length film done by this fellow, following on his incredible aesthetic sensibility.

Here are a few more at which to gape:








Retro Car Show


Flying Pigs

I saw this add on TV the other week and it rather moved me:

A Journey

Another of Aveillan's. I should have known.

February 23, 2008

Ahoy! Spookbot's Spooky Little Delights


Several of my favorite dolls have their own favorite dolls - fearless little female pirates with striped stockings and boudoir-doll faces - with which they enjoy posing endlessly.

These hand-made little wonders are the product of proprietress Lori Fury's creative and exquisite talent; she is a sculptor, seamstress, painter and doll-maker extraordinaire who makes charming embodiments of the seductive and dangerous female types that we all wish we could be, if only for a day.

(Left: Sophronia with Veronique.)


Hand-made from polymer clay, hand-painted, and clad in bits of vintage ribbon and fabric, spookbot's dolls have an air of old-fashioned elegance and adventure with a generous helping of vampish beauty. The perfect combination, to my mind.

Pictured to the right is Victorine clutching her favorite, Fifine. A similar photo of Victorine and Fifine appeared in the BtSSB article in the recent Haute Doll, but Fifine's creator was left uncredited - shamefully my fault - so I definitely want to rectify that here and now.  Lori not only makes swashbuckling femme fatales, but also mischievous goblins, angelic haloed beauties, whimsical paintings featuring birds and jellyfish, and some incredibly delicious-looking jewelry.

Lori's spookbot dollies can be found here, while her other marvelous creations can be found here.  I for one am always looking forward to discovering what gorgeous things Lori comes up with next. 

February 09, 2008

Topsy Turvy's World of Sublimity


I first met Kim of Topsy Turvy Design last year when I ordered several exquisite human-sized hats from her Etsy shop. I was so impressed by the gorgeousness and craftsmanship of the pieces that I was thrilled beyond words when I learned through our mutual friend Neale that she was planning on venturing into ABJD millinery. Visions of dolly hats in fantastical shapes and forms waltzed in my skull: tricornes, bicornes, stovepipes, porkpies, bonnets, cloches, and Gainsboroughs. Ah, the incredible possibilites when molded in Kim's skilled hands!

I immediately contacted her and we discussed a commission for a dolly top hat, something I had attempted in the past and at which I failed miserably. I trust Kim's taste utterly and completely, and within a short time I was holding in my hands the most wonderful little top hat I could ever have hoped to receive - black velvet and satin-lined, complimented by an exquisite bouqet of feathers and a vintage buckle. Perfection.


Kim's vision, imagined beautifully through 666 Photography's jaw-dropping photos, never ceases to amaze and impress.  Kim sells her dolly hats on her doll Etsy page so be sure to keep an eye open for her latest offerings. I can also vouch for her delectable human-sized hats and hair clips, all extremely well made and sure to make one feel like the belle of the ball when sitting atop one's head.

In an age when the typical hat is the baseball cap, when ladies no longer keep rows of hatboxes in their wardrobe and gentlemen no longer tip their brims as a passing greeting, I find it incredibly refreshing that millinery of Topsy Turvy's calibre is still to be found. Perhaps between us all (and our bjds) we can herald into the 21st century a new dawn in beautiful head gear. 

So what are you waiting for? Get hatting!