Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls

August 02, 2008

Update to the milkeye Galleries

Just a quick note that I've updated the Latest Images Gallery on to include those photos that were included in the Haute Doll April issue.

I've also got a couple of photos in the Steampunk spread for the Autumn issue of FDQ, although they turned out much, much darker in print than the originals, so the details are completely lost. Alas. Regardless, it's a superb collection from a variety of photographers and certainly worth picking up.

More later~

June 20, 2008

The Val Zeitler Collection in Aug '08 Haute Doll

It's been a while since my last update; forgive me ~ I've been traveling recently and also moved house...quite an upheaval! I've managed to settle down a bit now, so hope to be posting more frequently. I have so much to share, which I will be sure to do so in upcoming posts.

Most exciting, however, is the August issue of Haute Doll, featuring a dark and delicious doll and clothing collection by the ever-talented Val Zeitler.

I was thrilled to be asked to photograph the cover and the collection itself, which appears in the issue. The collection will go up for sale on the Haute Doll Website on June 25. One does need to be a subscriber to purchase, however. A few sneak peeks can be seen here for those interested. ~C

April 05, 2008

New Gallery Update

A new gallery for Violaine has been added to the Milkeye site.

February 09, 2008

Haute Doll April 2008 Edition on stands soon!

The April edition of Haute Doll has mailed out to subscribers and should be in stores in just a few weeks.


I was beyond honored when Haute Doll contacted me for a feature piece for this issue, and have supplied photos exclusively for the article which cannot be seen elsewhere. Crowns! Ruffs! Steampunk! Victorian gentlemen and more! It's all in there.

Also featured in this issue:

  • An interview with the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright designer and the history of Lolita fashion as covered by Aimee of Den of Angels and Becky of Blastmilk fame.
  • An article all about the latest trend to sweep the ABJD world: adorable animal/anthropomorphic dolls. I'm working on my own resin menagerie.
  • The history and growing trend of the big ABJD boys and girls (60cm+).
  • An interview with the talented Rodrigo sisters of Arcadia Dolls, along with their rococo gown tutorial for MSDs.  If you are looking for a gown for your larger girls, look no further than Atelier Arcadia's Design Your Own Rococo Gown. I was so very pleased with my Atelier Arcadia gown, and goodness knows it's far easier than making one yourself. The sisters do incredible work - you can see photos of the gown I received in Vesper's gallery.

All in all this is going to be one exciting issue!

New Gallery Updates

New photos of Orphelie and Eglantine have been added to their galleries on the Milkeye site.