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August 02, 2008


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Please bear with my annoyingly loud and worshipful exclamations of delight and wonder. I simply adore your sense of fashion and aesthetic taste and would one day like to marry Dagobert(lame joke).

Would you mind giving away where you get those beautiful doll clothes from? Do you buy them or make them? I've been looking for good period clothing for my SD13 boy for ages... :)


This picture of Victorine with the crown is hauntingly beautiful, I can't stop staring at her.

Jasmine Lala

i really enjoy your website
love all your kids(bjds)
i interested in victorian style and gothic things


@ Yvonne, atelier-soda.com has clothing for dolls like that. Pretty dolls :3

Mike Jennings

We miss you!

We just saw a film by Terry Gilliam called the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. It was kind of a mess of a movie but the lead actress looked like one of your dolls…

Sallianne Norelli

Your dolls are beyond gorgeous! Wow!

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They seem to look like some sort of a vampire clan, are they?

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Reminds me of the setting of the gothic novel, Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. I love the BJD's facial expressions...so dark.

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Dark and beautiful BJDs, I love the expressions of their eyes. :)


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