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April 05, 2008


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Mike Jennings

Violaine is hauntingly beautiful (a phrase I'm afraid I may overuse on this site). The photography is interesting and surprising -- I'd automatically put her on a dark contrasting background, but the light background here gives her an ethereality that you wouldn't really get against black.

Forgive my ignorance of these dolls; I am only familiar with Momoko, Blythe and Pullip. How is it that these dolls are at once world-weary and innocent? Are their eyes always like that?


Thanks so much for sharing those wonderful pictures of your dolls, a feast for the eyes. You're truely talented.


She is absolutely beautiful, as all of your dolls are of course! I was so glad to find that you have a blog!! Good news, indeed.


Mike ~ I find there is something about the white-resined dolls that can only be really appreciated when they are amongst white surroundings; one can truly gauge their purity, in a sense. It is not unlike displaying marble sculptures in a bare room with only natural sunlight - as you say, perhaps it instills a sense of other-worldliness?

As for these dolls' eyes...I personally think it's all about the doll's 'face-up' and the eye placement. It's really amazing how vastly different the same mold can look from owner to owner. If the eyes are placed differently and the photo is taken from a certain angle, the doll can look expressionless and vacant. A different 'face' on the doll can also add to this sense of 'soullessness'. The thing that drew me to these dolls in the very beginning was that potential mixture of innocence and knowing you mention, and so when purchasing/photographing dolls I choose those factors that I feel most add to that sense of personality in the doll. I hope that answers your question? :) Thank you for your comment, as always!


Algesiras ~ Thank you so much for your kind comment!


Randi ~ I'm glad you found my blog, as well :) Many thanks for your lovely words!

Black-Eyed Suzie

Your dolls and photographs are stunning...really such a pleasure to look at. I make dolls and am hoping to attempt my first bjd this summer, and chart my progress on my blog. I was wondering if it would be alright with you if I posted some of your pictures as well. I would, of course, give you credit and link to your site.


Ah, Miss Milkeye! You have captured the true beauty of your doll's soul. Her wide-eyed soulfulness is truly bewitching and otherworldly. I am always impressed with your artful compositions. You are at the apex of bdj photography. Bless you as always, my dear xxxx


Please forgive me for not responding sooner! Dear Black-Eyed Suzie ~ you are too kind. I just adore your dolls, and look very forward to seeing the progress of your BJD. Fantastic! By all means, feel free to post photos/link...I would be honored.

Absinthemadness ~ thank you so much. I'm not sure it's entirely healthy to blush so early in the day. *kiss*


Oh, she is so beautiful. Would you mind telling me where you bought her? What kind of bjd is she?

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