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March 11, 2008


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St. James

Quite extraordinary! I think I prefer the current ramshackle state of the estate. It's astonishing and somewhat heartening to see how quickly humble flora can bash apart most architecture.


I quite like the current state as well. Something severely fairytale-ish about it, I find. I don't know...it's almost as if the building is trying its best to cling to what grandeur it once had. A bit sad, in that sense.

Hope you are well!

Mike Jennings

Clever presentation. I'm a longtime connoisseur of graceful decay and I would be gobsmacked to see this in person.

Coilhouse points us to commercial photographer Jeremy Harris' site, where the commercial stuff isn't that interesting, until you find the American Asylums link in his Portfolios, which is amazing. Without lights or Photoshoppery, as Coilhouse points out, he is able to capture the state of decay beautifully and compellingly.




Alexandra Stan

Really love the house! Its really sad what happened!if the government hadnt raised the taxes then it would not be the RUIN of poltalloch! Sad!

Polt Qlloch

I have seen the house in person and. Well ... It's heart breaking to see such beauty go to waste!
I wish that the government hadn't raised the taxes!!!! :-&
heart breaking !!!

Cameron Diaz

Hi guys! in case you are wondering it really is Cameron Diaz! I saw the house this weekend when i was up filming the new James bond movie and i had heard about Poltalloch and NEEDED to see it! I saw Alexandra stan's message and wondered did the goverment really raise the taxes or were the family just running out of money?
I think that it is really sad!!!



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